I am very excited to finally share with you the Save the Dates for our upcoming garden wedding. By now they will have well and truly reached the hands of their recipients so I can stop posting sneak peeks on Instagram and show you the final product.

When I started planning our wedding invitation suite, I wanted to create something that would surprise and amaze people and give an indication of the attention to detail that we were hoping to achieve with our wedding. The design I have come up with is, without giving too much away, inspired by the detailing on my wedding dress which is very feminine, intricate and delicate. As soon as I stumbled across a laser cut invitation on Pinterest, I immediately knew the technique would be perfect for what I was trying to achieve. Thus I set out on what turned out to be an arduous journey to find out how I could turn my ideas to reality. 

Now, I am the type of person who once they have made their mind up about something, I will find a way to do it, and I am persistent. So when I approached supplier after supplier only to be told my ideas were not possible, my stubbornness grew with my frustration and I refused to give up. Eventually I stumbled across someone who not only shared my creative vision, but worked with me to make it happen, and he made it happen to a degree of awesome I never even imagined.

Designing for the laser cutting process was one of the biggest creative challenges I have had in a while so I’m incredibly proud of these Save the Dates. I was able to create not only a Save the Date, but a genuine piece of art which has been a real talking point amongst our guests.

The design is cut from Wild, a new stock from Doggetts, which has a uniquely textured surface and neutral creamy shade. Wild is made from 35% cotton which makes it soft to touch, naturally tactile and perfect for luxury embellishments. I paired this with a Kraft stock, another natural and beautifully textured paper and finished it all off with a custom peach polka dot envelope liner, mint envelopes and custom matching labels.







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