New Love Carli website

September 2015. That's when I took the old Love Carli website down and put up a holding page. Those of you that have been following for a while will be all too familiar with the 30% complete status bar. The one that never moved. I had grand plans to teach myself Wordpress and build a new website myself, but wedding season 2015/2016 came out of nowhere and Love Carli went boom. I was still holding onto a full-on, part-time job at the time so every moment I wasn't there, I was working on projects for Love Carli. I was so busy doing what I needed to do to maintain my high standards of quality, delivery deadlines and response times, that everything else was pushed to the end of the queue (including sleep, my social life and a small part of my sanity!). I just never had the time, let alone the headspace to dedicate to building a website. What's that they say about working on your business, not just in it? So much easier said than done!

So late last year, I grew tired of hearing myself tell people the new website was coming when I knew it wasn't and finally accepted that I just can't do everything myself. I needed to relinquish control of a few things! My website was never going to get done unless I outsourced it, so I did. And that's where Marcel from OneToo came in. Having just moved to the Mornington Peninsula, working with another local, small business was important to me and I tracked Marcel down via his work with Commonfolk. We met, he spoke a language I didn't understand and it became clear that I knew nothing and that this project was in the right hands! 

A few short months is all it has taken for Marcel to create a new online home for Love Carli. And guys, what he has created is just so lovely! And so perfectly us. Have you had a look around? There's a shop! And retailers, a special wholesale section just for you! I am just so incredibly excited, happy and relieved to finally have a new website. Already I can feel myself feeling more positive and confident about putting my business out there. I have signed up for opportunities that I had been putting off and I am investing in advertising for the first time, because I finally have somewhere to direct people to! So thank you, Marcel, for giving me so much more than a website and for putting up with my one million questions, late night emails and relentless perfectionism.

P.S. I feel I must also mention the amazing Bonnie Kay & Holly Englehardt, the dream team who styled and photographed all of my stationery (something else I realised I needed to outsource). Their gorgeous work is also why the new website looks fabulous!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and explore, shop, place a stationery order, share lovecarli.com.au with all your friends! Xx







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