It seems I have excellent friends who trust in my skills so much they recommend me for big and exciting design projects. This is how I came to meet Thomas, a French expat who has recently settled in Melbourne with his girlfriend and my old pal, Sarah. After graduating from the Bordeaux International Wine Institute, INSEEC with an MBA in wine marketing and management, and having grown up on the family vineyard, Thomas was seeking to utilise his wine expertise and launch his own business here in Australia. He would be importing artisan wine from his family’s vineyard and the south-west of France to Australia with the aim of introducing Australians to the French way of life. To launch, Thomas needed a logo and brand developed for Mosaique, which is where we came in.

When we met up to discuss the project, Thomas was impressive in his knowledge, clear with his vision for Mosaique and had prepared a strong brief for the brand, all excellent starting points. Mosaique was to capture how despite the different terroirs, landscapes, people, accents and dialects that define the different villages of South-West France that the simple act of sharing local produce, banter and wine brings connection and conviviality, both core to the way of life in South-West France.

That is a lot of elements to be captured! I was excited for the challenge, and working with wine? That was something I could definitely get around! 



The concept behind the La Mosaique logo puts focus on the idea of the unique terroirs and the land which is rich in history, joyful memories and nostalgia. The connection people share with the land and the authenticity of the flavours created by the terroirs that make each wine of South-West France so unique, come together to create a sense of place - this is what the Mosaique experience will aim to give people.

To represent this, we created a group of nuanced shapes which form a connected mosaic of terroirs. Each part of the mosaic is brought to life with a different vintage/rough texture to represent the diverse personalties and characteristics of the different landscapes. Overlaid across the shapes are three primary colours inspired by the rustic, earthy tones of the French landscape along with the rich colours and flavours of french food and wine.

This is coupled with a vintage, art deco style font that gives the logo a classic, high quality personality.



Above is the branding board which shows the Mosaique brand at a glance. It includes all of the brands elements such as primary and alternate logos, primary and secondary colour palettes, fonts for both print and web, unique textures that act as supporting visuals, website favicon and social media icons. We also developed a comprehensive style guide for Mosaique which outlines the brands values, attributes and includes instructions on how to use and not use the brand elements in much more detail as well as examples of brand implementation.

Both these documents will act as a reference for the client and anyone else who will be making visual decisions for the brand moving forward and will ensure Mosaique is presented consistently and cohesively allowing it to become a solid and recognisable brand.

Throughout the year, we like to take on select freelance projects, such as this one for Mosaique, that aren't wedding or stationery related. If you have a design or illustration project you would like us to help with, then please get in touch!







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