Including an information or details card as part of your wedding stationery is a great way to provide your guests with important information that won't be on the invitation. There are many, many details that can be included on an information card to help your wedding run smoothly and ensure your guests have all the information they will need to attend your wedding without confusion. These details can include:

If you're having a destination wedding or a lot of your guests will be travelling to attend your wedding, it is considerate to provide a few affordable and conveniently located accommodation options. Be sure to include the name, address, phone number and website of the hotel or hotels you're recommending. Also, if you have arranged a group rate with a hotel, inform your guests how they can receive the discount when they book their room.

If you are providing your guests with transportation to and from your venue, be sure to provide specific details, including what time the shuttle bus is leaving and the locations it will pick up and drop off your guests. Local public transport methods and the phone number of your local taxi service could also be included. This way, your guests won't have to worry about how they will get home or designating a driver.

It may seem a little outdated, but providing a map and/or directions can be really helpful to guests, especially if your venue is hard to find or you have a lot of out-of-town guests. A custom map can show where your venues are in relation to one another and how far away accommodation or town centres are. You could even note other areas of interest, sights to see or things to do.

If you have planned other events for your guests to attend as part of your wedding celebration such as a rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch, you can include the details of these events on your information card so that guests can plan their time accordingly. Be sure to include the day, time and location of the events as well as what the activity is and don't forget to include the option for guests to notify attendance to these events on your RSVP card too.

Noting a dress code is important to ensure your guests' dress appropriately for the style of event you're hosting and aren't left feeling out of place. Terms such as semi-formal, cocktail or formal are standard, though it may be necessary to elaborate to notify guests to be mindful of footwear should your wedding be held outdoors on lawn or at the beach.

Would you like your wedding to be an adults only celebration? Be sure to politely include a short statement to say that children are not invited, so your guests are clear. 

Asking for a gift may seem a little awkward, but wedding guests will expect to bring a gift to your wedding, so help them out by including some information on your gift registry or wishing well. It is considered rude to include these details on the invitation itself, so your information card is the perfect place.

If you have a wedding website that will house all of the above information, you can simply use your information card to let guests know the URL they need to visit.

If you have any questions regarding your wedding stationery wording or design, please get in touch, we are here to help!