I have a little bit of baby spam for you this Monday morning! I wanted to share the birth announcements / thank you cards I designed for Edmund. He is almost 6 months old already (how?! when!?) and because in that time we have lived through house renovation hell (loooong story) on top of having a newborn, they are probably long overdue. I would like to think it will be nice for people to have an update 6 months in though.

Edmund is such a happy baby, he has a huge cheeky grin and his whole face lights up when he smiles - so cute! I really wanted to capture his happy personality for everyone, especially those who haven’t met him yet. We haven’t had any professional baby photos taken to date, so the two of us had a little impromptu photoshoot in the lounge room. Luckily, he thinks I am hilarious, so capturing his big smile was easy, capturing the little wriggle worm in focus was the challenge.

I chose a 3-panel, z-fold format for the announcement, my favourite format, as it allowed me to lay out the different details I wanted to include nicely and it makes a bit more of an impression than a single card. As the introduction, our chosen photo made up the first panel along with his full name. Following on the second panel were all his birth statistics - date of birth, time of delivery, weight, length and which city and hospital he was born in, each with an illustrated icon. Then, because the announcements were doubling as a thank you, we left space to write heartfelt message on the last panel.

We sent these out to everyone who attended my baby shower, sent flowers, cards, love or words of advice and visited the hospital when Edmund was born and they were very well received.

If you too have something exciting to announce, Love Carli would love to help! Simply get in touch to discuss.







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