Wow! What a weekend! We are still on a high from what was an amazing weekend at One Fine Day. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk stationery and allowed us to share what we do with you, I loved meeting and chatting to you all. There were plenty of laughs and good vibes that made our weekend lots of fun.

It was such a big deal to be accepted to One Fine Day for the first time in 2017, I was so nervous and put a lot of pressure on myself to be up there with the best of the best. It was A lOT of work and a huge challenge at the time. I was much more relaxed about it all this time around, but there were a whole lot of different challenges to face. Firstly, there was a lot of apprehension on my behalf to take part. I’d spent the last year immersed in the land of baby, I felt out of touch with the industry and was worried my work would no longer been relevant or on trend enough, that it wouldn’t be well received. Silly I know, especially since I have never really followed trends. Then, in the weeks leading up to the fair I fought off the flu, gastro outbreaks (plural), navigated my way through sleep deprivation to get everything done because our one year old has decided that sleep is for chumps. On top of this, there was considerably less time and money at my disposal. I honestly do not know how I pulled it off!

It was so nice to walk into the Royal Exhibition Building on Friday to bump in and see so many familiar faces, catch up with industry friends I hadn’t seen in such a long time and make new connections with my neighbouring vendors as well. Throughout the weekend I was absolutely blown away by the response to our stationery. Everyone that fell in love with it, every face it bought a smile to made my heart so, so happy and all those initial fears were subsided. It meant so much to me.

As always, there is an amazing team of unofficial employees behind me that help get me there.

Huge thanks go out to Mark George, aka best husband ever, for couriering printing, painting backdrops, collating giveaway packs, taming stress, cooking meals, taking time off work to help bump in and manning the fort at home with bubba all weekend (including the nights, so I could sleep!).

Special mention to Pimp My Balloons for making my balloon garland dreams come true! These guys went above and beyond, their customer service, knowledge, skill and energy is just amazing!

Other thanks go out to my good friend Leah for being my wing woman AGAIN! It’s probably about time I just made her an official staff member!

Thanks again lovely people, we hope to meet many of you again on your wedding planning journey!

Big love. Xx






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