We were recently asked by long-time pal Ness and the team at Untold Events to rebrand the Little Beauty Market for its 2017 season. We’ve done a bit of work with them already for their Emu Plains Market and are big fans of the work they do creating fantastic markets for people like ourselves and the community.

The existing Little Beauty logo had a lot of elements that Vanessa loved and felt represented the market well, however, there was just something about it that didn’t balance right. It was too heavy, the hierarchy was wrong and it was very busy. This meant the logo was difficult to implement and something more simplified and versatile would be required. The font chosen was also very similar to another market that was being ran on the Peninsula, so we needed something more unique so there wasn’t any confusion.

See the old logo below followed by our redesign and branding as well as our rationale behind it.


The old Little Beauty Logo

The old Little Beauty Logo

Our redesign of the Little Beauty logo

Our redesign of the Little Beauty logo

We started our new design by deconstructing all of the elements. Hand-drawn style lettering was an important concept as it perfectly captured the handmade, authentic nature of the market and set an approachable tone. So, we decided we would keep this element and emphasise it, but work on making it more original. Instead of choosing a new font though, we opened up our sketchbook and created our own hand-drawn letters, scanned them in and arranged / rearranged them in a million different variations until we were happy. The result is a fun mixture of upper and lower case letters spelling out Little Beauty Market, stacked in a slight curve, with little flourishes and round edges that is cute, neat and friendly. Best of all, it’s unique and there is no risk of another market using the same font!

The graphic leaves and flowers that represented the gorgeous surrounds of the park the market is held in were also great, but they were too large and harsh, overcrowding the old logo. We knew they would better serve the branding as supporting graphics utilised across marketing materials, web and social media, keeping the logo simple and clear. in order to connect those graphics back to the logo we included a little branch as a decorative element at the base of the type as a much more subtle reference to the markets setting.

We kept the bold colour palette of coral and black and grey as it was bold, versatile and sophisticated.



Above is the branding board which shows the Little Beauty brand at a glance. It includes all of the brands elements such as primary and alternate logos, primary and secondary colour palettes, fonts, illustrated graphics that act as supporting visuals, website favicon and social media icons.

We also developed a comprehensive style guide for Little Beauty which outlines the brands values, attributes and includes instructions on how to use and not use the brand elements in much more detail as well as examples of brand implementation.

Both these documents will act as a reference for the client and anyone else who will be making visual decisions for the brand moving forward and will ensure Little Beauty is presented consistently and cohesively allowing it to become a solid and recognisable brand.

The Little Beauty Market launches its 2017/2018 season this Saturday at Beauty Park in Frankston. Boasting over 140+ of the very best makers and creators that the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne has to offer, plus food trucks, live music, kids entertainment, and gourmet food and produce to boot. Don't miss it!







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